Kumho Fatigue production associated with insider info

Review from the CCTV 3. 15 evening from the last 3 years. 3. 15 prior to 2009, coincides using the international economic crisis, in the actual context from the revitalization from the auto industry to prevent the landslide from the domestic car market, CCTV 3. 15 night no contact with an car companies as well as auto materials. 3. 15 show this year, CCTV subjected the fencing ineffective with regard to large vehicles. This year may be the exposure from the automobile fatigue business as well as 4S store.

Some press said how the CCTV 3. 15 activities this season exposure in order to car wheels and 4S store is amazed. On the main one hand, because of the fierce competition within the domestic car market, to be able to stabilize as well as expand marketplace share, just about all manufacturers connect great significance to auto complaints, press exposure, it’ll seriously affect revenue. The additional hand, CCTV, press influence, be careful on the actual exposure associated with corporate, not really automotive materials no high quality problems, but be worried about accidentally destroy an automobile prices along with a great obligation. On the entire, this publicity CCTV 3. 15 Kumho Fatigue is bound to the automotive business, tire business and auto supplies, car parts business “earthquake” combines.

Kumho Fatigue Company through 20: 00 CCTV Information exposure within 8: thirty, held an urgent situation meeting in order to conduct research about this incident. To date, not however given the statement.

Back in order to mixing glue rather than the original movie, Kumho Fatigue production insider

The actual tire production process, destroy the actual semi-finished products to the new compound can be used again to be able to ensure fatigue quality, Kumho Tire is promoting a rigid operating requirements, the provisions from the retail marketplace of plastic material products, only allow using a bit back in order to mixing. CCTV media reporter has 3 times the manufacturing workshop from the “Kumho Fatigue to carry out unannounced appointments found which Kumho Fatigue tomorrow using the provisions of the standard group of behind the actual operation is really a separate group of standards. To be able to reduce expenses, in accordance using the proportion associated with doped plastic material, but use lots of back in order to mixing, reducing the actual performance from the entire tire could cause the fatigue bulge as well as puncture harmful.

Neglect associated with owners associated with security, contempt for that media checking, Kumho Fatigue disregard with regard to human existence

Case: The actual Mr. Zhejiang proprietors high lamented that their own new vehicle to open a lot more than 480 kms, “the correct front wheel using the right back wheel breaking, the 4S store, saying it had been our personal car doesn’t accidentally obtain, I really don’t know which Kumho tires isn’t papered, Primary products: vehicle dvd participant, in vehicle camera, are with top quality. even eighty yards didn’t open towards the 4S shop wish to change the actual tires, it’s important to more than 700 dollars to alter Kumho, after that spent 1000 with regard to other manufacturers of wheels, do not really dared to make use of the Kumho’s. inch

Case II: The actual owners associated with Mr. Shen issues of brand new car wheels five tires the look of each sides from the concaveFree Reprint Content articles, 4S store identification of 3 months to absolutely no avail.
Situation III: The proprietors Bruin issues on each sides from the tire horizontal front steering wheel of their car from 4600 km in the package through 4S indicate check which 3 offers since bundle (operating at higher speed within the field has its replacement 1) will have to purchase brand new tires to change the fatigue after beginning the package delivered to the producers identification.