Tips to availing cheap car rental services in Singapore

As the demand for car rental service is increasing, the price of car rental is also rising. When you compare the car rental charges of July to that of August, you will notice a dramatic difference. The price has skyrocketed to a great extent and so the services are becoming unaffordable. This is the reason why people look for cheap car rental Singapore .  In the last week of July, the price of average airport car rental was $370 but in the month of March, the cost of same car rental service was $236. So, you can understand the massive difference in the price rate. Taking a vacation is fun but if you need to bear high cost of car rental, the trip may become least entertaining. Anyone looking to take up a vacation must consider what means of transportation to be chosen. To save money on car rental, you may follow several guidelines.

Do not bother about the car brands

If you are looking to bank upon the best car rental deal, you must let go off the brand name. There is no need to choose a rental company which has carved a distinct name for itself. You may go for a local company. As the operating cost of local car rental is less, you must choose a company which is not branded. Directly visit the website of the company to find the rates and the costs. Local companies will charge you at least 30% less rental charge than big brands. Then, some companies offer huge discounts on branded cars like BMW, Mercedes, Limousine to create brand awareness and to attract the customers. Compare the rates to find the cheap deal.

Look for virtual discounts

You may simply visit coupon sites to access the discount coupons that may be applied at the time of check out. Visit the coupon sites and look for coupons. You may enter the name of the preferred car rental company in the search box along with the words ‘coupon codes’. Discount codes are even offered to the ones who are the part of flier programs or organizations the company partners with. If you are the member of any flier program, you may check the sites. Some companies even allow you to combine discount codes along with other coupon codes. This can bring about huge savings. If the price of renting a full size car is $355, the cost may come down to $106 if you add up all the discounts.

Do not go for airport locations

Hiring a luxurious car right from the airport may prove an expensive affair. Off-airport location is extremely cheap. You may walk a few steps from the airport and then rent a car. In a day, you may cut costs to $25 which also includes taxes.

Book a car for a long duration

You may wonder how renting a car for longer duration saves costs. This is counterintuitive certainly, but it is true. You may add a couple of hours to the car rental service or detain it for extra days while covering the weekend. This will prove a cost effective affair. Leisure travelers can travel on the weekends to cut down the cost.

Haggle over the price

It may be that you have availed the best car rental deal but you may still haggle over the price. Just move to the rental counter in order to find if you can find better car for the same price. A lot depends on the availability of the car, the type of car and the purpose for which you will use it. Some companies are more than happy to offer you the same car at heavy discounts which costs huge. If you are the one who frequently books minivans and cars, the rental company can pass on good discounts. Regular customers can make price savings over car rental. There are times when the car companies offer luxury cars at economic rates.

Prepayment can bring about savings

There are some companies that offer discounts to the ones who make advance payment. If you have business clients to pick up from the hotel, you may save money by booking the car in advance and by making pre-payment. Do not ignore the companies having reputation of forwarding deep discounts. You must also ask about cancellation penalty.

Other tips to cheap car rental in Singapore

  • Avoid using airport car hire services in order to save on airport fees. You can rent cars from somewhere else.
  • To find the list of reputed car rental companies, you may check online. Check Google, Bing and Yahoo to find the names of reputed car rental companies.
  • Looking for special offers and special rates can also save money. Most of the popular car hire companies offer heavy discounts on car rental.
  • It is better not to choose that car company which has limited number of vehicles. The cost of car rental will be high in that case. Choose a company which has cars in surplus.
  • Pick and drop the car to the destination in order to save costs.

The prominence of car rental

Thousands of travelers and business persons take up car rental services. Indeed, car rental service has become an integral part of towns, cities and countries. There can be innumerable reasons why such car rental services are gaining so much prominence. Firstly, car rental companies offer value to the customers and so it has become an indispensable part of tourism industry. Whether you wish to travel to the airport, reach out to the hotel, attend any important event or have your wedding, the fleet of luxury cars may be booked for a variety of reasons. The chief reason for the popularity of car rental is convenience it offers. If you book a car, you are sure of luxurious and comfortable ride. The one who travels to the foreign country may book a car to enjoy a complete freedom. Apart from this, car rental is safer option. Vehicles that are offered on rent are actually well kept and well maintained. So, the cars are safe to drive on the roads without any fear. The one who is using the car can enjoy a complete peace of mind and save from car breakdowns.

Explore the area at your own comfort

If you are traveling to a new place with your family members, you should rent a car. You may enjoy the new place at your own pace. Drive the car on your own and enjoy sightseeing. There is no need to rely on public transport in this way. You need not adhere to the schedule of the stranger who is offering the car. You may explore the area at your own sweet pace while there will be no need to rush from the place. For airport arrivals and airport departures, the car rental is useful. As thousands of travelers look for cars in the airport, there is huge rush. To avoid paying more money and to save from encountering the rush, you may rent a car.

No matter where you stay, car rental is important. The kind of comfort and convenience you enjoy here is worth the money you pay. If you are looking for luxury car hire services, Bizlink Rent A Car Singapore can offer you the best options.